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You Make Me Feel So Young

Hi there, my name is Sarah.
I'm just your average 22 year old girl trying to make it as she dances through life like it's no big deal.
I believe that love is love no matter what.
I'm pansexual, I work in fast-food, I'm a hardcore Klainer.
Disney is the best thing that's ever existed. Period.
Darren Criss and Chris Colfer are my heroes.
I have a love-hate relationship with the show Glee.
I love the beautiful Klaine moments it can give me.
I hate the horrible writing that goes into
wasting what could have been some damn good character development.
I'm in a relationship as of 09/23/2012.
My boyfriend is my best friend.



make me choose: castiel, sam or dean winchester (@sebastiel)

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Blaine Anderson in Performances
⌊ Summer Nights

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I had to.

what took so long


true friendship is skyping but not talking to each other the entire time

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anonymous asked : could you parallel Blackbird and I’m Still Here, as in Blaine’s adoring look ;)

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Mazume Week Day 7:  Offering/giving/gift

Remember to tag all your  works with #mazumeweek so it can be reblogged here! You can also submit your creations to this blog if you want. 

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Blaine eats crisps while watching other people doing sport, reads fanfictions and has a blog… actually we all are Blaine Anderson

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To put it simply, I was not a particularly nice person. And then your dad came along and I became a man who is kind a relatively large portion of the time.

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